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About Me

My name is "Joyel Puryear". My online handle is Ninjakreborn. That is generally the username I use for all of my online activity. I have a great deal of hobbies, which I am very interested in. I have a lot of interests, and a lot of things I like being involved in. Due to how active I am online, I decided to create a place where I can keep a great deal of my online presence all in one place... That is the purpose of this site. It's split up into sections to provide various information about me.

From a business stand point, I am an IT Professional. I perform various IT services like web development, application development, programming, coding design and various other IT services. I try to be a 1 stop shop for any IT related services. All of that stuff is governed primarily by my business website.

Beyond that, I am a expert lifestyle gamer. I play games a great deal of hours per week. I play any genre, and any type of game. I have beaten more games in my life time than I can even list off. Aside from that, I am a very strong comic fan, reader (fiction, science fiction, self help books, and various other types of reading), and a very obsessive writer. I like writing a lot (fiction, science fiction, and much more).

Recently I decided to start working on a series of "Personal" projects. I have started writing novels, creating websites that I had ideas for, and so forth. Keep checking back for more updates regarding some of the things I will be working on in the coming months.

Online Precense

I have an avid online presence. I have profiles and accounts setup with a variety of third party sites. I have listed some of the ones I am most active on below.

Linked In Profile
This is my personal profile on Linked In. I use this site a lot to try to get potential business prospects. I also use it to stay socially connected to other people in my same industry, and get access to contacts in a variety of other industries as well.
Wordress Plugins
This is a link to my Wordpress Profile. It shows a list of Wordpress Plugins I have contributed to the Word Press community. There are not a lot of plugins contributed yet, since this is something I do in my spare time, and only really when the mood strikes me.
Morrowind Mods
This is a site where I submit Morrowind Mods that I have developed.
Bethesda Forums
A forum that I am a part of, that deals with the Bethesda video games. I participate on this site, helping members understand parts of the Bethesda games they cannot figure out. I also participate in the Oblivion and Morrowind modding communities (perhaps even more games later on).
IGN Games
This is my profile for IGN. I just started visiting this site recently, and intend to be very active in coming months.
This is my profile for Gamespot. I just recently started becoming active here.

My Personal/Business Network

Due to me being a programmer and IT consultant, this leads me to a host of skills that I use during my professional endeavors. Obviously, because of this it causes me to use them a lot for personal purposes. Below are a list of sites that I have personally created. They are all setup here through the following network. Any sites that I have built are listed below. Whenever I create new sites, they are added to this list as soon as they go public. I have developed quite a few sites so far, and have a great deal of new ones in mind, and some currently being built.
This is my business website. This is what I do for a living. I am a freelance Information Technology professional. This is my main business site. It lists my skills, services, portfolio, and much more.
Realm of Writing
This is my personal writing site. I am a very avid writer. I like writing just about anything. I wanted a permanent place to put all of my writing material. This site contains all of my blogs, short stories, novels, created universes, songs, poems, and other writing material. I am also going to be selling E-Books here, and other things as well.
Online Wasteland
This is one of my websites which I have developed. The focus of this website is to provide a place for any random tools I would like to develop when I have extra free time. Most of these are going to be web based tools. Some of them might be meant for a mobile environment. Some of them might be useful, while others might be random ideas I have gotten together.